Massage for Trauma & Grief

When we are healing from trauma or loss, whether suddenly or over a period of time, massage and bodywork can be an oasis. Rather than teaching us how to “check out” or escape our struggles, massage teaches us to find solace and comfort within our own bodies. When we learn the art of relaxing in a conscious way, we provide ourselves a safe place to support our healing journey.

A therapist trained in Trauma & Grief massage understands issues clients may face around being touched, disrobing, and receiving massage in a way that feels comfortable and safe. Some of my practices include using a massage chair, working with clothed clients, using light touch, acupressure, and Reiki.

Every client is unique, and the gift of Trauma & Grief massage comes through customizing the therapy to accommodate your personal needs. Let’s talk about how I can help you over the phone (267-584-4504) or in person with a free consultation. I am happy to work alongside other care providers you may be seeing, and will help you set goals for your treatment to ensure success.

Prices are the same for all of my massage and yoga therapy.

$50/30m $90/60m $120/90m