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Aromatherapy for Massage Therapists & Self-Care

$200 (8) Live-Hour CE’s –NCBTMB Approved

Reflexology for Massage Therapists and Self-Care

$200 (8) Live-Hour CE’s –NCBTMB Approved

Ethics and PA Massage Laws

$150 (6) Live-Hour CE’s –NCBTMB Approved

Integrating Modalities: Advanced Fascia and Energy Techniques for Massage Therapy

$200 (8) Live-Hour CE’s –NCBTMB Approved


When we learn to relax and feel safe in our bodies, we optimize our flow of life-force energy, and can avoid or heal many disorders and complaints.


Life heals itself through harmony and balance in the vibrational energies that sustain it, and healers embody harmonious vibrations. Healing is accessible to anyone: healing is simply learning to feel better right now.

Let’s work together to learn how you can feel better in your body, relax your mind, and take ownership of your innate healing powers. I help clients and students discover how to vibrate in good health and feel better right now.

Learn how to heal in Philly.

Continuing Education for Massage Therapists

Trauma Healing

Massage for Moms and Babies


Holly Arace, LMT, C-YT